High On The Hog Hillbilly Cookbook

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High On The Hog contains more than 60 rare, hard-to-find recipes, including:

Yeast Starter From Potato Water; Living Yeast Bread; Hush Puppies; Huckleberry Muffins; Baking Powder Biscuits; Squirrel Pie; Rabbit Pie; Ham and Red-eye Gravy; Chicken Pie; Corn Cob Jelly; Home Made Hominy; Sauerkraut; Watermelon Rind Preserves; Hillbilly Pies:  Vinegar; Buttermilk; Sweet Potato; Molasses; Huckleberry; Rhubarb; Hillbilly Candies:  Hoarhound; Peach Leather; Lemon Drops; Sour Cream Fudge; Old-fashioned Molasses Candy

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48 pages.